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Borovets Ski Academy

Welcome to the Borovets Ski Academy, where Skiing Excellence meets Winter Adventure!

Introducing ski improvement courses at the picturesque Borovets resort suitable for all 16+ years of age skiers.

Elevate Your Skiing Skills

For all intermediate and advanced skiers seeking to transcend your abilities, Ski Academy offers an unique opportunity to refine your technique, eliminate erroneous movements, and unlock your true skiing potential.

Your Path to Mastery

Borovets Ski Academy courses are meticulously designed to immerse you in the world of precision skiing. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors will be your guides, leading you through an immersive journey of improvement. Through a series of dynamic drills and targeted exercises, you’ll feel your skills evolve with every turn.

Personalized Feedback

Experience the power of personalized learning! Each two-hour session includes a video recording of your skiing prowess. In the afternoons, gather at the Academy nestled within the elegant Hotel Flora for an in-depth video analysis. Witness your skiing dissected on screen and receive expert guidance on areas for enhancement. Your journey towards perfection is illuminated with each frame.

Unleash Your Potential

By enrolling in our courses for several days, you’re not just sharpening your skills – you’re expanding your comprehension of skiing as a sport, enhancing your safety on the slopes, and gaining a profound appreciation for the art of skiing. This is where your transformation into a master skier begins.

Ideal for All

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or in a group, our courses offer an ideal platform for shared learning and memorable experiences. And remember, at Ski Academy, having fun on the slopes is paramount. We believe that a joyous journey is the key to unlocking your true potential!
*The experience is suitable for 16+ years old skiers.

Where to Meet

Join us at Borovets Ski Resort – Flow Ski Academy, Hotel Flora; See map here.

Duration and Prices

2.30 hrs (2 hrs masterclass with a professional ski coach and 30 min professional video analysis of your ski performance)
Available daily at 09:30 am and 13:00 pm
Prices from 70 euro per person


Tips and gratuities;
Food & Drinks;

What to Bring

Ski, poles and ski boots; Gloves; Helmet;

Book your spot by using the calendar below and make your ski adventure an unforgettable one!